WhisprWave WhisprWave® is a product of Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc.

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Dennis Smith

Founder, Inventor and CEO

Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc.

Dennis G. Smith is the Founder and CEO of Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc. (“WDT”). He is responsible for all of WDT’s research, engineering and operations activities. He is the patent holder and primary inventor of the WhisprWave® line of port security and erosion control products. As a senior official of the Management Committee, Dennis is involved in all areas of WDT’s activities, including supporting the military, legislative and regulatory agendas. WDT’s mission is to be recognized by the world’s militaries, security agencies and marine industry as the global leader in maritime port security and erosion control technology solutions.

Prior to founding WDT in June 1995, Dennis formed and operated Avalon Investment Properties a specialty finance, leasing and investment firm. There he served as chief executive officer and was responsible for managing a substantial finance and real estate portfolio. The Avalon Companies also included a management consulting arm; Avalon Research Corporation specializing in management consulting engagements for a number of Fortune 500 concerns. Dennis began his career in the Citibank Operating Group, run by John Reed future Citibank CEO, where he was principally involved in developing models to streamline and optimize the banks operations.

Dennis is a graduate of Yale University (BA Economics and Mathematics) and Harvard Business School(MBA). At age 16 he designed an instrument to measure low vacuum, using the properties of electrical discharge in gaseous environments, which was subsequently used by NASA. He also built a ruby laser in 1963, which was among the first lasers in civilian hands and in 1965 was named, by Bell Laboratories, one of the top 50 science students in the USA.