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Jonathan B. Smith


Jonathan B. Smith is the Chief Operating Officer at Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc. (“WDT”). He is responsible for all of WDT’s finance, marketing and government affairs activities. As a senior official of the Management Committee, Jonathan is involved in all areas of WDT’s activities, including supporting the military, legislative and regulatory agendas.


Prior to joining WDT, Jonathan worked at several investment banking firms including JP Morgan & Co.Deutsche Bank, and accounting firm Arthur Andersen, LLP. While working in the investment banking field, he was actively involved in various strategic planning, treasury and financing roles.

In addition to his investment banking experience, he has also been involved in a number of entrepreneurial ventures including the development of two successful Internet related start ups.

He is an expert in Internet marketing strategy and is a recognized expert on the subject. He has utilized these skills to market WDT’s products on a global basis.  In addition, since 2002 he has used his Internet skills to give back to the community, raising over $500,000 online for deserving charities.



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