WhisprWave WhisprWave® is a product of Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc.

LNG Security

The heightened focus upon maritime homeland security has led to increased scrutiny of the security measures that are in place to protect the world’s key infrastructure elements. The LNG Terminal infrastructure that has been created over the last 50 years is vital to the world’s economy and welfare; consequently they represent a high value target for terrorists.

The terrorist acts against the United States on September 11, 2001, have increased the need for maritime port safety and maritime port security measures on U.S. ports and waterways. In response to these terrorist acts, and in order to prevent similar occurrences, the United State Coast Guard has established temporary maritime security zones around all LNG terminals.

Recognizing the value of the world’s LNG terminal industry and the terrorist threat that they currently face; Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc developed the WhisprWave® line of Floating Security Barriers to protect these valuable assets from terrorist activities.

Study: LNG – Not in my backyard (www.iags.org)

  • LNG is highly volatile and in the era of terrorism may offer more opportunities for terrorist strikes on vulnerable energy infrastructure targets located near residential neighborhoods.
  • A terrorist attack by a boat bomb – such as the one used against the USS Cole in 2000 or the French tanker Limburg off the coast of Yemen in 2002 – could cause at least half a cargo hold’s worth of LNG to seep out of the ship and ignite.
  • In just over three minutes, the fire could spread two-thirds of a mile from the ship.
  • There is nothing safety officials can do in such a case.
  • They would have no time to evacuate people or to put out the fire.
  • Damaging thermal radiation within a mile radius of the tanker which could set fire to thousands of homes and cause significant losses of blood and treasure.