WhisprWave WhisprWave® is a product of Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc.

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Wave Protection

Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc. (WDT) developed the WhisprWave® floating articulated breakwater erosion / wave and wake control technology to afford protection to marinas, beaches, and private property subject to destructive or annoying wave / wake forces. There are three primary configurations of the WhisprWave® floating breakwater: Ocean Floating Breakwaters, 2-Layer Floating Breakwaters, and 3 Layer Floating Breakwaters.

Wake and Wave Protection

Marinas that are not based in protective coves or estuaries are often subject to the damaging wave and erosionary forces associated with violent storms. These storms cause damage to both the physical marinas, as well as, their clients vessels. During calmer times, these marinas remain concerned about the quality of their slips. Waves, and wakes formed from passing boat traffic, can violently rock harbored crafts making it difficult for their owners to enjoy them while in port. There are many marinas that would like to realize added revenue from their unused shoreline frontage by building additional docks. Frequently these marinas are more limited by the quality of the dock space, impact of waves / wakes on new docks, as the prime spots were built on first, than their ability to source capital for the new construction.

Pier Point Marina on Sodus Bay in Lake Ontario, New York was the first marina to approach the company to solve the aforementioned wave and wake protection issue. Pier Point Marina had the additional problem that Sodus Bay freezes during the winter. Therefore, the marina needed a solution that could compensate for this seasonal requirement, ideally a device that did not have to be physically removed from the lake during the winter. The WhisprWave® floating shoreline erosion control breakwater was specifically designed to solve these erosion problems. With a transmission coefficient of 0.1 on the expected wave spectrum, the WhisprWave® was able to dissipate the 4-foot waves that the marina was subject to, during highly destructive storms, to a mere 6 inches (90% efficient). The effect enabled the marina to expand and realize greater ROI and ROA, as noted in the marina owner’s letter of satisfaction to WDT.

During the winter, when the bay freezes, the WhisprWave® modules are submerged four to six feet below the freeze-line. This feature made the system highly attractive to Pier Ponte as the cost of maintenance and reinstallation is minimal.

Pier Point Marina soon realized a significant ROI with increased revenues (additional slips, increased slip usage, and increased slip rates), a reduced repair expense (reduced storm damage), and a minimal maintenance expense for the WhisprWave® breakwater.