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Dam Security

The heightened focus upon homeland defense has led to increased scrutiny of the security measures that are in place to protect the world’s key infrastructure elements. The global dam security infrastructure that has been created over centuries is vital to the world’s economy and welfare; consequently they represent a high value target for terrorists.

Recognizing the value of the world’s dam security and the terrorist threat that they are currently facing; Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc developed the WhisprWave® line of floating security barriers to protect these valuable assets from terrorist activities.


  • Dams Are a Vital Part of This Country’s Infrastructure.
  • There are approximately 78,000 in the United States listed on the National Inventory of Dams.
  • Ten percent of American cropland is irrigated using water stored behind dams.
  • Thousands of jobs are tied to producing crops grown using irrigated water.
  • Dams in the U.S. produce over 74,000 megawatts of renewable electricity and meet almost 10% of the nation’s power needs.
  • Every state has hundreds of dams.
  • Most dams in this country are privately owned, about 58 percent.
  • Local governments own and operate the next largest number of dams, about 16 percent.
  • State ownership is next with about four percent.
  • And the federal government, public utilities and undetermined interests each own smaller percentages of dams.

Source = Association of State Dam Safety Officials