WhisprWave WhisprWave® is a product of Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc.

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Security Barriers

All Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc.™ (WDT™) products utilize the versatile and patented WhisprWave® module incorporated in the systems as floatation and/or mass for security barriers, the key component of all of our wave attenuator systems, floatation for all of our buoys, chain floats and the like. Only WDT proprietary primary materials are incorporated into the […]

Wave Attenuators

Marinas that are not based in protective coves or estuaries are often subject to the damaging wave and erosionary forces associated with violent storms. These storms cause damage to both the physical marinas, as well as, their clients vessels. During calmer times, these marinas remain concerned about the quality of their slips. Waves, and wakes […]