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Enhance Vessel Exclusion Barrier

Enhanced Vessel Exclusion BarrierThe E-SCIB™ is the definitive survivable E-Small Craft Intrusion Barrier™ with a snare cable support structure increasing the overall height.

The E-SCIB™ can be designed to incorporate gated sections for authorized vessel access into the exclusion zone while still maintaining the same level of security.The E-SCIB™ has unparalleled durability and has been designed for the most adverse marine conditions, including winds of 80+ knots. Loads are carried by stainless steel wire rope cables encased in 2 inch EPDM heavy wall flexible rubber tubing. The stainless steel upper cables are secured by uprights yielding a minimum freeboard of 4 foot.  These cables combined with the SCIB™ backbone cables create a significant barrier to intrusions and/or entry by unauthorized, stray or threatening vessels.  E-SCIB™ sections are typically constructed in 25’ lengths and sections are joined with Stainless Steel hardware.

The E-SCIB™ can be configured as a swinging gate with end point attachment slings to provide for an enclosed protected area with the possibility of opening the area immediately. By using a small craft of sufficient power the E-SCIB™ can be swung on a pivot point to allow for large craft to pass. In this way a base or facility can be completely enclosed and protected, but ready for the quick movement of large vessels, if conditions require.  The E-SCIB’s™  modular construction allows for its use as a platform to mount a multitude of security technologies including  warning signs, surface detection units, anti-intrusion instruments, swimmer detection devices and capture nets both on the surface and underwater.