WhisprWave WhisprWave® is a product of Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc.

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Enhanced Vessel Exclusion Barrier

The EVEB™ includes a capture net designed specifically for the additional assurance of vessel incapacitation. The incorporation of a capture net yielding a freeboard of up to 10 feet is the additional assurance that the attacking vessel and or its components will be stripped of all forward motion towards the clients valuable assets.

The WhisprWave EVEB™ with capture net mounted above also takes advantage of the VEB’s™ durable and impact resistant WhisprWave® modules to increase the resistance of the barrier in the water. The mass and resistance designed into our patented WhisprWave® modules additionally assist in the extraction of the energy from the attacking vessel.

The Capture Net can be made up from various types of rope or cable and be designed to hold fast or break away from the supports as required.
Gate sections can be incorporated into the system to allow entry and exit of authorized vessels with relative ease without sacrificing the security capabilities of the system.