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Small Craft Intrusion Barrier LA

The LA-SCIB™ is designed to impede lower level threats, such as caused by small crafts, personal water craft, kayakers and the like from entering designated areas. It is comprised of the same type of WhisprWave® materials, which include our patented WhisprWave® modules, stainless steel wire rope cables, and synthetic rubber tubing.

The LA-SCIB™ not only represents a line of demarcation, but also has the ability to impair if not entirely stop small vessels, personal water craft, kayakers, and other similar watercraft from entering designated areas.

It has been designed for ease of deployment, simple to store on land or in water, and consists of the same durable materials used in all of our barriers.

This barrier is chosen when budgetary constraints require a high quality barrier at an entry level price. This barrier can be reconfigured to create a SCIB™ with the addition of more WhisprWave® modules and hardware.