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Swarm Barrier

The Swarm Barrier™ (SB™) is designed to defeat a multiple vessel attack while remaining fully functional during and subsequent to the attack sequence. The additional attack-side modules form an unyielding concave capture structure when impacted by the attacking vessel providing additional assurance that the attacking vessel and/or its components will be stripped of all forward motion towards the client’s valuable assets.

The Wave Dispersion Technologies Inc. SB™ has all of the functionality of all of our security products rolled into one. The core of the system is the VEB™ with the addition of an articulating upper dynamic system that causes the attacking vessel(s) to impact well above the water line and as the vessel impacts it causes the articulating portion to react and with optional retaining spikes gouges into the vessel damaging the hull and effectively stopping forward motion.

The system then returns to the “ready” condition in the event additional vessels continue the attack.

With the addition of the optional capture net it will ensure the forward motion of attacking vessels is effectively stopped.