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City of Key West, FL

City of Key West, FL

In May 2005, the City of Key West purchased a Rapidly Deployable SCIB (RDSCIB) from WDT using funds from a DHS grant.

Although the U.S. Navy has a presence in Key West, the City of Key West’s port is primarily a civilian port with a major function as a cruise ship dock and a destination for recreational boaters. As such, the port did not require a permanent small craft intrusion barrier that could be considered a deterrent to civilian tourist use of the facility.

Key West thus elected to purchase a Rapidly Deployable SCIB from WDT that can be stored for deployment on an “on-demand” basis if the Maritime Security (MARSEC) threat level is escalated or if the head of the port feels that it is warranted. Full deployment of the RDSCIB can be accomplished in roughly four hours.