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U.S. Coast Guard – Alameda

U.S. Coast Guard – USCG Integrated Support Command (ISC) at Alameda, CA:

In June 2004, the USCG purchased a 2400 ft. SCIB to protect the High Endurance Cutter pier at ISC Alameda from waterborne threats while also including multiple opening gates to allow immediate movement of the Cutters as necessary.

ISC Alameda is situated on a dedicated 67 acre island known as CG Island located in the Oakland Estuary between the cities of Oakland and Alameda, CA. The base is home to a variety of tenant commands including: Commander, Pacific Area; Commander, Maintenance & Logistics Command Pacific; and Sector San Francisco Bay. Importantly, it is also the homeport for 3 High Endurance Coast Guard Cutters: CGC SHERMAN, CGC MORGENTHAU and CGC BOUTWELL.

In addition to the usual force protection role, the bright orange barrier components at ISC Alemeda also function as a highly visible line of demarcation to prevent non-threatening but curious civilian boaters from approaching the Cutters while at the pier.